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Flown Out Of IAD Recently?

Fri Oct 05, 2001 10:13 pm

Anyone flown out of IAD recently? How long did you need to clear security?

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RE: Flown Out Of IAD Recently?

Fri Oct 05, 2001 11:11 pm

Since 9-11 I have flowen out from there twice. Once in mid morning and the line was very very short. The other day my flight was at 600pm and it was a bit long. Guess with all the international flightrs leaving it created a bit of a backlog. Hope this helps.
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RE: Flown Out Of IAD Recently?

Sat Oct 06, 2001 12:29 am

Flew out on the 21st. No problem. Security screening was quick, less than a five minute wait in line, and all they do is put your carry-ons through the scanner and make you walk through the metal detector as usual. There was also a woman checking tickets, but she was a very nice, friendly one, so there was nothing but smiles, as if she knew we were all okay, but was just doing her job. Nice touch.

However, my flight was leaving at 9:10, so there weren't too many people around. Dulles is usually more quiet in the morning, anyway.

Just be sure to leave the usual amount of time to get out to the concourses on the mobile lounge (15+ minutes) and a little extra time for the security, and you'll be fine.  Smile Hope that helps!