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Stupid Question.....hard Anwser

Thu Jul 08, 1999 10:05 am

OK here is one,
when they (gov). Wants a new int. airport.who designs the airport who decide how big the aprons should be, it location,runways)
and everything eles?
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RE: Stupid Question.....hard Anwser

Fri Jul 09, 1999 3:19 am

Here in my country the gov. has decided to build a new airport for the capital (Lisbon).
They had two choices and after two technical studies about the impact on environment, they have decide for one choice.
This studies were made under the responsability of the environment ministery.
Later, the other specific issues like you have asked will be decided by the airports authority and civil aviation authority (ANA, INAC).

Luis, Faro, Portugal

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