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Design A New 737 Or 320 Replacement

Thu Jul 08, 1999 11:05 am

If you were an engineer at Airbus or Boeing and it was your job to design a new generation ( I mean new platform,not a 30 year old one) of midsize aircraft,what characteristics would you want it to have?

My would be the cross section of a 767, the performance profile of a 757 and fuel efficiency, a tall T tail,and 2 turbofans in the back,and it would be fly by wire,with regular control yokes.

How ironic,Boeing had a plane that fit the above description,except it had propfans instead of turbofans,it was called the 7j7,(for you Boeing fans,go research it,it was suppose to be the 727 replacement). Lets hope that someone at Boeing is going through the archives and pulling out the old prints,if they installed turbofans,instead of propfans,and with a twin aisle widebody interior on a midsize aircraft,they would kill the 320 in sales.

So what would your new midsize jet look like?