Thu Jul 08, 1999 5:40 pm

Does anybody know when Embraer plans to begin deliveries of the ERJ-135? Also, who is the first US customer to get one, Continental Express? Finally, do you know when deliveries to American Eagle are expected to begin? I looked at Embraer's website, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks for your help.

RE: ERJ-135

Thu Jul 08, 1999 6:51 pm

Embraer's website sucks !!!!

AA will get them soon after the test flights hase comlitead. its before year 2000
l think ??

Delivery of the 135 is during September ! (?)

RE: ERJ-135

Fri Jul 09, 1999 2:16 am

The launch customer for the ERJ-135 is American Eagle. Deliveries are supposed to be due this month, but the aircraft is first awaiting certification. I guess that will happen within this or next week, so the deliveries might start straight off at the end of this month, or August at the latest.


RE: ERJ-135

Fri Jul 09, 1999 7:22 am

The launch customer of the ERJ-135 is Continental Express that will receive the aircraft cn 145.145 (the first production ERJ-135).

Obs: The 135 will continue with the cn sequence of the 145.

The second 135 will be the 145.156 and will operate in American Eagle (problably with the registration N700LE).

The deliveries will start next month I think.