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What Will Become Of UA 727s?

Mon Oct 08, 2001 4:34 pm

Hello insiders,

Just wondering if it is possible to say what will become of United's 727 fleet if they retire them by the end of November. And if it is possible, what will it be?

I fly them often and they seem mechanically capable of more reliable service. Will they likely go into cargo carrier fleets? If so, whose? Will they remain in service in the U.S. or be sold to operators in other countries for passenger or cargo service? Or worse, decay in the desert?

Also, does anyone happen to know how many hours and/or cycles some of United's current 727 ships have accumulated?

Your thoughs and comments are appreciated. While most may not miss these old aircraft, I certainly will. To me, they are an example of engineering greatness, having stood the test of time.

Kind Regards,