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BOS Spotting

Fri Jul 09, 1999 8:08 am

I want to go to an airport this weekend, I went to JFK a month ago It was great. How is LOGAN for spotting? If you know any good spots to watch from let me know I would like to go sat. am thank in advance
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RE: BOS Spotting

Sat Jul 10, 1999 3:24 am

King air--

BOS is great for spotting, although, you won't be as impressed as you were at JFK, obviously.

For spotting, head in the direction of the arrivals for Terminal B (American etc.) Then, you will see parking there (bear left_. Go to that parking lot and go all the way up to the top level. Once you're on the roof, keep going straight until you can't go anyfurther and turn left. That corner of the garage is the best area. You can also just cruise along the rooftop. You'll be able to see the AA and UA terminals easily as well as the USAirways and USAirways Shuttle (and CO and DL Shuttle) terminal VERY well.

Recommendations: VS and BA arrive between 12:15 and 1:30p. A lot of the other Int'l flights arrive between 3:00-6:00p. You will see a Swissair 743 taxi to the DL terminal, a VS 742 taxi to the area between the UA and AA terminal and a Sabena A330 or A340 taxi to the DL terminal as well. An AF 763 arrives around 6-6:30p and the Alitalia 763 departs around the same time. This is all from my experience, but things always change. You never know what you will see at BOS.

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RE: BOS Spotting

Sun Jul 11, 1999 7:18 am

BOS is great for spotting as long as you like domestic aircraft. The parking garage on top of Terminal B is probably the best place because you can see the whole field. Also it depends on which way the wind is blowing. For international arrivals and departure plan to go at about 11-1130 and leave at about 1830. You can e-mail me at if you would like for info.
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