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Wed Oct 10, 2001 7:08 am

Can anyone please share info on this new startup carrier?

ie:hdq contacts, web site, routes, startup date, blah blah blah.

Thank you
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RE: USA3000

Wed Oct 10, 2001 7:18 am


HDQ: Newtown Square, PA (outside of PHL)

Partially owned by Apple Vacations and Canada 3000

Mainly operating charter flights for Apple Vacations.
Will be flying out of PHL, EWR, BWI and several other cities in the Eastern United States to PUJ, CUN, NAS and LIR in the first few months of operations. First plane was to be delivered 10/05/01 in Toulouse. First revenue flight should be end of November.
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RE: USA3000

Wed Oct 10, 2001 12:34 pm

I especially like the web page saying the aircraft have "just" 168 seats. Another cattle car carrier.
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RE: USA3000

Thu Oct 11, 2001 8:05 am

Recently saw a marketing position in the paper with their owner- Apple Vacations. Personally, I wouldn't touch 'em!
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RE: USA3000

Thu Oct 11, 2001 9:46 am

Click on the link to see 2 photos of USA3000 A320

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