LAX Expansion Cancelled

Thu Oct 11, 2001 9:03 am

The mayor of Los Angeles has decided to cancel the four terminal, increased parking space expansion of LAX in favor of tightening security. What do you think?

I forgot where I heard that, so if you've got anymore info. that would be great!  Smile
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RE: LAX Expansion Cancelled

Thu Oct 11, 2001 9:32 am

It was a good decision. I think that they might still expand O'hare I think and they are still working on Midway until they are complete and they are opening Meigs Field too so I think that that was a good idea.
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RE: LAX Expansion Cancelled

Thu Oct 11, 2001 1:35 pm

I heard on the news that if they do decide to expand ORD, the plans will be DRASTICALLY cut down, as the amount of flights are down considerably since 911.
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RE: LAX Expansion Cancelled

Thu Oct 11, 2001 2:13 pm

Ummm....isn't this a thread about LAX?

The new Mayor, James Hahn, ran against the airport expansion to get NIMBY votes. He wants to distribute more traffic out to ONT.

In other words, he ran against economic reality. People who go do LA do *not* want to drive an hour into the Inland Empire to ONT. They want to fly to LAX which is near the city. The only economically feasible alternative to LAX for the LA City area proper is Burbank. And that airport has such psychotic NIMBY's that they can't even get more than 14 gates at an airport that could support over double that number.

Hahn apparently isn't getting rid of LAX expansion altogether....he's proposed a remote parking structure and a rail/ bus system to move people into the terminal area. The idea is that cars would not be parked near the terminal. But that doesn't do anything about gate or runway capacity.

Whatever happens, LAX desperately needs its runways spaced wider for safer taxiing for 744's. The airfield capacity, according to the airport authority, could be enhanced greatly just by moving the existing runways a few hundred feet further apart.

If Mayor Hahn wants a congested airport that can't meet the traffic demands of the LA area, that's up to him. Trying to shove people to ONT where they don't want to go is NOT the answer.


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