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Commercial Transatlantic 737-700s

Sat Jul 10, 1999 6:06 am

I heard that a now defunct carrier SwissWorld (which briefly operated 767-200 and 757-200 aircraft on transatlantic flights) had seriously considered using 737-700s for transatlantic flights.

Are there any other carriers considering its use as a transatlantic aircraft? I know the Business Jet version has considerable range, but could he 737-700/-600/-800 become the "regional jet" for intercontinental flights (i.e., opening up long flights for small market city pairs)?
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RE: Commercial Transatlantic 737-700s

Sat Jul 10, 1999 6:57 am

I'm not sure of any airlines doing this (other than Swiss World), but I do know that Boeing was (is) seriously looking into the -700 flights across the Atlantic with the BBJ winglets (for extra range) in a First/Business or Business Class only configuration.


RE: Commercial Transatlantic 737-700s

Sun Jul 11, 1999 1:00 pm

The standard -700 wouldn't have the necessary range to make it viable but for only a handful of trans-atlantic routes. Boeing could, with relative ease, sell an enhanced version of the -700, which would essentially be a passenger version of the BBJ (-700 fuselage, with -800 wings, -800 tanks, and winglets). This aircraft would enable carriers to fly to many points across the Atlantic, markets which would only be profitable if served with a 120-140 seat aircraft.