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Lufthansa Boeing 747 D-ABZE

Sat Jul 10, 1999 8:09 am

I just flew on Lufthansa B747-230B D-ABZE. I checked all the information on the internet about the aircraft and the fleetlist I usually use states that this aircraft is a combi version. The safety card states B747-200 All Passenger. Has this B747 been combi and it has been converted to an all-passenger? If so, does anybody know when? Thanks in advance.

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RE: Lufthansa Boeing 747 D-ABZE

Sun Jul 11, 1999 3:38 am

That is very possible that it was converted to an all passenger. I know that Lufthansa is changing all of their 747-400s to all passenger and refitting the interiors.
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RE: Lufthansa Boeing 747 D-ABZE

Mon Jul 12, 1999 2:29 am

D-ABZE was originally a 747-230B Combi. The aircraft was delivered to Lufthansa in that configuration. Its first flight at Everett was the 12th of Nov 1986. Just about 13 years old.
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