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The Airline Sold My Ticket!

Sun Jul 11, 1999 3:16 pm

Listen to this!!
I was suppost to be on a EL AL flight on July 21st on a Boeing 747-200 with 1 stop at Montreal to Tel Aviv.
A few days after waiting for my ticket I was informed that EL AL sold my ticket and also others for a group of people who I guess really wanted thouse tickets..
so now all of the single flyers who were kicked off the EL AL flight including me were transferd (by EL AL) to Lufthansa and Continental Airlines (well for me). Anyways my flight was really switchs around.. now instead of flying to Tel Aviv I was switced to fly to Frankfurt where Ill be waiting there 3 hours till I board my next flight to Tel Aviv. I looked on Lufthansas site and if im right im flying a Boeing 747-400 and Airbus 321 to Tel Aviv (4 hour flight to Tel Aviv). I hope this airline is good!! Infact I hope its great! Now when I head back from Israel ill be on Continental Airlines HopEfully on a Boeing 777 Ill fly to New York (JFK) and get off there and take another plane to Toronto. probley a 737-200!
Now this whole flight is with an escort! I think this is wicked .. having an escort rules no waiting in long lines always taking care of you etc.. (THis was all setup by EL AL) .. THis Trip is cool I never had anything like this before! OH well I paid $1300 for my EL AL ticket.. this probley cost them well over that.