KE In Trouble Again

Sun Jul 11, 1999 8:34 pm

From the BBC News website:

A near-miss between a British Airways jumbo carrying 400 people and a Korean Air cargo plane is being investigated by airline authorities.

Tim Smith: This was one of the nearest air misses in recent years
The Boeing 747s were reportedly within 200 metres of each other, 35,000ft over western China when the BA pilot took emergency action to avoid a collision.

The pilot, flying from London Heathrow to Hong Kong, had only moments to react when a computer warning system ordered him to descend as the Korean plane emerged from clouds.

It is thought to be one of the closest air misses involving a British plane for several years.

The Mail On Sunday reported that flight BA027 was flying at 570mph and was four hours from Hong Kong. The Korean Air flight was carrying freight from Seoul to Uzbekistan.

'Appropriate action'

BA confirmed that an investigation by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority and Chinese air authorities into the 28 June incident was under way.

A BA spokeswoman said: "Our crew saw another aircraft and took appropriate action to ensure that safety was maintained."

She added that the aircraft was grounded in Hong Kong while checks to the on-board Traffic Collision Avoidance System were carried out and the device was found to have been functioning correctly.

A spokesman for the CAA confirmed it was investigating an "air proximity" incident but would not comment further.

A Korean Air spokesman confirmed to the BBC that the flight collision warning system on its cargo plane twice told the pilot to climb because of an unidentified object beneath the jet.

He said the investigation was continuing but the airline was not considering it as a "near-miss" because the two planes did not come within 150metres of each other.

Korean Air has a poor safety record with several incidents of aircraft overshooting runways. Pilot error was blamed for the Guam crash when KA Flight 801 flew into the side of a mountain on the remote island.

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RE: KE In Trouble Again

Sun Jul 11, 1999 9:09 pm

As if their (KAL) own problems concerning security were not enough, now KAL is putting in risk others planes and airlines in the skies!!! For God!
I think we all should avoid flying in areas where there are KAL planes traffic; at least, when they are flying/taxing!

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RE: KE In Trouble Again

Mon Jul 12, 1999 12:25 am

You may be right but I think I'd prefer to wait and see what part ATC played in this incident.
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RE: KE In Trouble Again

Mon Jul 12, 1999 7:19 am

And who says KAL was at fault, not BA ? A while back a KLM had to take evasive action twice on one flight (from the Caribbean to Amsterdam), blaming it on the ATC and other traffic until it transpired that they had set their IRS coordinates incorrectly and were effectivly flying the wrong route. Mistakes can happen, we all know that, so don't just assume BA (or ATC, as David points out) is infallible just because KAL is involved.

Thank god for TCAS though.