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Lucy Becomes A Stew!

Tue Oct 16, 2001 3:27 am

Hello Everyone.

Seeing as though the world of commercial aviation is going through some pretty dark days right now (understatement), I thought I would lighten things up a bit by bringing something funny to mind.

Now, Do y'all recall "The Lucy Show" from the sixties, starring that ever lovin redhead, Ms. Lucille Ball? (I hope I'm not carbon-dating myself here!). There is a hilarious 3 part episode of this series, where Lucy takes a leave of absence from the bank and her oppressive boss, Mr. Theodore J. Mooney, to become......yes indeedy...a Flight Attendant! Now, of course, back then, the term was "Stewardess".

Well, Lucy is hired by "Globe World Airlines", and commences F/A training. And WHO should be in her Flight Attendant training class? None other than Carol Burnett, who portrays a neurotic, highly strung trainee with a horrid fear of flying. Seems Carols psychiatrist recommended she become a Stew to get over her fear of flying.

Anyway, Lucy & Carol graduate from Stew School
(the ENTIRE training class puts on a "Broadway Show" to celebrate??? LOL), and both are assigned the same LAX-ORD route for their very first flight. Their Stew instructor closes the cabin door on the two of them prior to departure, wishin these two crazy redheads "Good luck, girls! You're on you own!"

Madness and mayhem reach cruising altitude as Lucy & Carol totally bungle up all aspects of in-flight
service. (not to mention Carol Burnett having a TOTAL Freak-Out at take-off, screaming loudly for the entire cabin to hear her), And, tch tch tch, who is on-board to monitor all of this? Why a "Globe World Airlines" cabin crew supervisor, posing as a passenger. Add in a travelling band, and the fact that NO-ONE on board realizes they have landed at ORD (go figure), and you have quite a few laughs.

This 3 part episode of "The Lucy Show" is a CLASSIC for all F/A's and F/A wannabees. I am DYING to get this on video, but where do I search?

Anyway, if this brings back memories, and causes a few laughs, then good! What we need in this world right now, besides love, sweet love, are more than a few
hearty laughs.

Happy & Safe Flying Everyone!

Johnnie Rotten of the Skies