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America West Expands CMH Hub

Tue Oct 16, 2001 11:54 am

America West announced today that they would implament a major expansion at Port Columbus International Airport. The airline will introduce new daily nonstop service between Columbus and Orlando, and increase frequencies on 6 routes from CMH. The new CMH-MCO route wil be offered twice daily with A320 aircraft. The increased frequencies to Newark, Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago, LaGuardia, and Baltimore will take place in the next 3 months. With the new schedule, America West will have 47 daily nonstop flights from Columbus, a large expansion from their post Sept. 11 number of 38 daily nonstop flights, but not quite up to their pre-Sept. 11 number of 56 daily nonstop flights. The complete story can be found at:

I'm glad America West has finally realized when to capitalize on the Columbus market. Delta Express recently chopped 3 of their 4 daily nonstop flights to Orlando, opening the door for America West to jump in. I could write a book about America West and their history of flights between Columbus and Florida.

This December will mark America West's 10th anniversary of the establishment of their Port Columbus hub. Maybe more flights will be in store?
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Tue Oct 16, 2001 12:28 pm

When I read the PR, "America West announced new non-stop service to Florida from Columbus" I was really hoping it would be from Miami. Miami needs at least one daily to CMH. America West has done well in Miami (daily each on MIA-PHX, FLL-PHX, MIA-LAS, FLL-LAS), and MIA-CMH and/or FLL-CMH would be a very nice addition.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Tue Oct 16, 2001 10:20 pm

America West also said two years ago that they will expand their Columbus Hub, and after they have a trully hub, they will start a Mexico City - Columbus flight to provide feeding to the North East United States and Canada. Hope they do it in the future. Maybe not the near future, but in like two or three years, they can be profitable with this flight.

Port Columbus looks great with all those CRJ's and ERJ's in America West Express c/scheme. Hope they do well on the new flights.

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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Tue Oct 16, 2001 10:32 pm

Weren't they going to add a non-stop to SFO from CMH? Is this still in the works?
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Wed Oct 17, 2001 2:44 am

I feel America West needs to expand in 2 different aspects here. First, I think America West needs to add additional service to the "West". I feel they need to add places like SEA, SFO, SAN, SLC, DEN, etc (just can't think of them off of the top of my head) with maybe direct flights from the Northeast; BOS - CMH - SEA, so the passengers don't have to connect, sit on the plane. However, with the stopover in CMH it would allow HP to feed from other cities. Bringing up my second point is they need to get more feed into CMH. Maybe I'm way off on this but I've been noticing that a lot of airlines are cutting their feeder do majors expect to get passengers on their flights if there's no feed? I'd rather assume cut some of those rediculously high frequency routes...but I guess that's why I'm here and not anywhere else....Anyways, back to my point. HP would need to add some feed from some of the other markets around CMH in order to fill some of the seats whereever HP would fly...CQ could fly these routes to feed them from like DTW, BUF, TYS....etc Looking at this is definitely a positive for CMH and also for HP in the midst of what's happened here.

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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Wed Oct 17, 2001 3:49 am

This sounds like great news for Columbus. Now only if HP could start flying to DCA and would reinstate the Midway service they would be above teh pre 9/11 flight levels.

Before America West could feasibly get more west coast flights they need a critical mass of feed and O&D flights in and out of CMH. Which they still don't have. I think we will see flights to South Florida and RDU in the not too distant future if things go well. Maybe then I would bank on a SFO flight.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Wed Oct 17, 2001 6:45 am

Miami is either the second or third highest O&D market without nonstop service from Columbus. I agree that service between CMH and MIA is necessary. The reason America West decided to start new service to MCO most likely stems from Delta Express' discontinuation of 3 of 4 daily nonstops between Columbus and Orlando, in addition to the fact that it's one of the highest O&D destinations from CMH. I would like to see nonstop service between CMH and MIA return, but with American Eagle. Columbus desperately needs Miami service to ensure easier and more connecting opportunities to South and Central America.

I remember hearing the rumor concerning Mexico City service. Currently though, I don't think there is enough O&D traffic between CMH and MEX to warrant the service. If more connecting flights to Columbus are added, maybe America West could make an attempt at MEX service from CMH. Neither Continental nor Delta have flights to Mexico City from their hubs in Cleveland and Cincinnati respectively, so it could be to America West's advantage to start flights from CMH to MEX once there is a sufficient amount of traffic available.

San Francisco service was planned to begin in 1998, but it never materialized. As one of Columbus' highest O&D destinations without nonstop service, I hope America West looks at service to see SFO sometime in the near future.

FlyinRyan99 & DesertJets:
With America West's planned addition of the A318 to their fleet, I am hoping the airline will base several in Columbus to satisfy the demand for long, thin routes, as well as take over some popular CRJ routes.
For example, Hartford is one of America West's best destinations from Columbus, constantly filling the CRJ's that fly the route. San Diego is a very popular destination from Columbus with high O&D numbers, and is not served nonstop from Columbus or Hartford. America West could, hypothetically, operate an A318 originating in BDL, have it stop in CMH, and then continue on to SAN. The flight would drop off Hartford pax terminating in Columbus, then load up with connecting passengers from other cities, passengers originating in Columbus, and then Hartford pax taking advantage of the one-stop flight between BDL and SAN.
I also agree that connecting traffic is needed in order to classify Columbus as a full-fledged America West hub and to warrant more service to Western cities such as SAN and SEA. Currently, America West serves solely O&D traffic from CMH. I believe America West should continue to focus on high O&D traffic destinations from Columbus, and then branch into regional flying. Service to Kansas City and San Antonio with regional jets and mainline service to San Francisco should be added to further strengthen the America West route system from Columbus, as well as add more connecting opportunities if America West were to venture into regional flying. Once a sufficient amount of destinations have been successfully initiated, then America West should look at serving medium-sized Midwestern cities with limited connecting opportunities and few or no low-fare carriers and funnel traffic from those cities into CMH.
For example, America West Express could start nonstop service between Columbus and Toledo. Toledo's connection opportunities are limited to only 5 cities, and has only on low-fare carrier. There are also no nonstop flights between TOL and major cities in the Northeast, such as Boston and Philadelphia. America West Express could offer nonstop service between TOL and CMH for passengers wishing to connect to other cities served from Columbus such as Los Angeles and Phoenix, but then also offer direct service to the major cities in the Northeast, such as BOS and LGA.

Finally, concerning the DCA and RDU flights. It looks like America West is planning on having nonstop service between CMH and DCA resume in mid November, with 2 CRJ's and an A319. There was a rumor that America West Express was going to start CMH-RDU service, however with American Eagle now serving that route, I doubt America West will attempt starting that route.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Wed Oct 17, 2001 10:34 am

I was just in Columbus on Wednesday, and I saw the passengers in the terminal. The loads looked to be on the higher side of moderate. My aunt who was on the flight from CMH-LAX said the A3** had about 70 people on it, but the 757 "Phoenix Suns" that pulled up to the gate and I counted 160 passengers leave the plane. I really like the design on the terminal, that AWA used. I have a question as to why they use both Chataqua and Mesa? Why don't they choose one or the other?

If there is a city that HP needs to serve from CMH, it is Cleveland! A 2.5 hour drive to Columbus is a long time. Maybe HP could go for some government Travel Bank like AirTran did at PNS.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Thu Oct 18, 2001 2:38 am

The agreement with Chautauqua Airlines was announced in March of this year. Eventually, Chautauqua will replace all Mesa flights from Columbus. The Mesa jets currently stationed in CMH will be sent back to PHX, and Chautauqua will base 12 ERJ-145's in Columbus.
Cleveland service probably wouldn't be a great idea, since most people prefer to take the drive up I-71, and those that do fly between the two cities use Continental Express. Though I've always thought a sort of shuttle service by Continental Express between Columbus and Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport would work really well.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Thu Oct 18, 2001 3:04 am

Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of HP service starting up between STL and CMH. I would love to see an expansion to CMH from STL and MCI if they truly intend to finally ramp up CMH to a full fledged hub.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Thu Oct 18, 2001 4:15 am

I know that the CMH and BKL service was talked about a few years back. I hear that the flights CO Express flies between and CLE and CMH are always full on the ATR they fly. The problem with flying the route out of BKL is that when they use runways 24R & L, the flight has to go out over Lake Erie to avoid Hopkins and come back over the top adding another 15-20minutes. I think alot of people could go for some more CMH-CLE service if it was cheap and a set price was made. The airline would have to make this hassel free and could not afford delays for it to work. Special deals would have to exist for regular business travelers. The easier the better. I-71 is a mess and on holidays and weekends it takes nearly 3-3 1/2 hours of driving. I am a student at OSU and would love to hop on a flight home to BKL for like $40-$60. Maybe even a flight from OSU (Don Scott)-BKL would work. I don't know why HP hasn't flown this route?
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Thu Oct 18, 2001 5:16 am

HP virtually dominates Concourse B in CMH, but if they are going to have more service, would they need more gates? One idea I have is when the Concourse C is expanded, Delta will be leaving gates C1, C1A, C2, C2A to go to those gates (I heard this on a Columbus news station.) My point is, HP could take those gates, and have some sort of ground shuttle from B to C.
Also, I would love to see CMH get an international route other than YYZ-CMH.

Why doesn't CMH bring in AirTran, jetBlue, Spirit, ATA or Pan Am to help the airport grow, and maybe to replace Midway?? ValuJet (now AirTran) came to CMH for a couple years, but stopped.
(I heard jetBlue is looking at CMH!!  Smile)

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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Thu Oct 18, 2001 6:24 am

I believe at one time, when the CMH hub was first started, that America West had a CMH-STL route. It was quiclky discontinued. St. Louis is currently pretty well served from Columbus with both Southwest and TWA. However CMH-MCI service would be a goldmine for America West.

I understand what you mean about I-71. The state is still in the process of widening the entire highway from 4 to 8 lanes, which has caused major traffic delays in the Cleveland and Columbus metro area, as well in areas along the stretch between the two cities. For a while, they were talking about high-speed rail service between Cleveland and Columbus, but people weren't willing to pay $60 per person, one way. Also, by the time construction would have been completed, the highway expansion would have been completed. Don't get me wrong though, I definitely think there's a market for air service between Columbus and Cleveland, the only problem is, like you said, the price. In addition, the ATR's that flew between CMH and CLE have finally been replaced with ERJ-135's and -145's.

Currently, America West's plan for gate expansion at CMH is to completely reconfigure the gate B1-B10 area. America West is in the process of fitting 6 new regional jet gates on the north side of Concourse B, and has 6 more under consideration. So I would expect America West to stay in Concourse B. I think the airport is planning on new airlines such as jetBlue to fill in the gates Delta will be leaving behind when they move into the expanded area of Concourse C.
On the subject of new airlines to Columbus, I doubt we would see AirTran service to CMH, considering Delta's stranglehold on the CMH-ATL market, and the fact that AirTran already serves 3 other cities around the state. Spirit and ATA both bring in aircraft to CMH on a charter basis, both seem to be focusing on the major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles and Washington D.C. for scheduled service. Columbus is on jetBlue's list of considered cities. Don't expect the airline to come to Columbus in the near future, as there is no place to put them. However once the terminal expansions are complete in mid 2002, I could see jetBlue in Columbus. They would provide the only nonstop service between CMH and JFK. In addition to jetBlue, I would also like to see Frontier and Vanguard start service to Columbus.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Thu Oct 18, 2001 7:03 am

Well, HP is going to challenge DL a little bit on the ATL route, right? It sure would be nice to see FL going to Columbus; just look what they've done for fares to DAY from ATL vs. CMH and (especially) CVG.
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RE: America West Expands CMH Hub

Sat Oct 20, 2001 7:01 am

America West discontinued CMH-ATL early this month. The route was only doing marginally acceptable in it's first 1 and 1/2 months of service, and the events of September 11 was the straw that broke the camel's back. While AirTran from Columbus to Atlanta would be great, I doubt they would have any interest in pursuing the route, since they fly out of Dayton, which is only a little over an hour away from Columbus.

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