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Meal Service And Turbulence

Sat Oct 20, 2001 3:59 pm

Have you ever been on a plane, and you're being served your meal and then your plane hits BAD turbulence? I mean so bad, that the meal service has to be discontinued and the flight attendants are asked to return to their jump seats?

It happened to me twice. Both on Delta, and both in their premimum cabins. The routes were NRT-LAX and LAX-HNL. Those of you who fly first or business class know that the meal service is so fancy. So you can imagine the hard work my flight attendants had to do putting away the fancy china, wine bottles, galley carts, etc. I must say though that all of my flight attendants did a good job. Although they were still in the aisles when the turbulence hit, they never showed any signs of fear or intimidation. In fact in both cases, they were so professional during the bumps that I knew they probably knew the trick(s) to working professionally during a turbulent flight. My hat is off to all of them.