Cockpit Seats

Tue Jul 13, 1999 11:54 pm

Does anyone know how comfortable the pilot and copilots seats are? I am very interested because sometimes when you walk out of the airplane and look in the cockpit the seats look old and probably uncomfortable (most of the time). So in general is it comfortable in the cockpit? Thanks -Matt

RE: Cockpit Seats

Wed Jul 14, 1999 12:51 am

Oh ya. The seats are very comfortable. The whole overall cockpit is comfortable.
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RE: Cockpit Seats

Wed Jul 14, 1999 1:37 am

Very very comfortable. I've never spent much time in the pilots' seats (P1 & 2), but many hours in the jumpseats and these are VERY comfortable. Nothing like a normal airline seat. For a start the thing is really designed to support you and keep you alert for up to eight hours or whatever, plus you have the extra shoulder straps for take off and landing, which means you don't have to use any physical energy to stay put during deceleration on rollout or neg Gs at the top of a descent. You don't budge an inch in turbulence. You really have a sense of "strapping the aircraft on". Oh, and the view - for those of you whose travel requirements restrict them to N-reg metal - is FAB.
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