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American Intl' Airways (Kalitta)

Wed Jul 14, 1999 10:06 am

Hello. I'm new to the discussion board. I'd like to know, can anyone tell me about American Intl' Airways (Kalitta)? Are they really an 'American' airline? Do they fly passengers or just cargo. If passengers, do they have a good record? Thanks.

RE: American Intl' Airways (Kalitta)

Wed Jul 14, 1999 10:36 am

I just saw one of their 747's in ANC today.

As far as I know they all all freight. They use the 747 and the L-1011. A few years ago they had quite a number of DC-8's including short body -50 series, I have not seen one recently however.. I also belive they have a pretty good sized small freighter fleet. One time I had to unload a chartered lear of theirs.

Yes they are American. I vagely remember them being out of Ohio, but do not hold me to that.
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RE: American Intl' Airways (Kalitta)

Wed Jul 14, 1999 11:19 am

Yes, American International Airways does carry passengers. They flew a charter flight w/ a Boeing 747-100 from Columbus to Cancun a few months ago. I believe that they are soley a charter operation as well as cargo, no scheduled routes.
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RE: American Intl' Airways (Kalitta)

Wed Jul 14, 1999 11:24 am

AIA is an all freight carrier. They were purchased about 6 months ago by Kitty Hawk the largest cargo carrier in the U.S. If not the world.

The previous owner of Kallitta was the famous drag racer Connie Kallita. His son, Scott Kalitta owns Trans-Con Airways.

Kallita still flies 747's, L1011's, and DC8-50's/61's.

Kalita was based out of Willow Run, OH, But is now in Kitty Hawk, SC.