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Air Lanka

Wed Jul 14, 1999 7:54 pm

Has anyone flown Air Lanka (known as SriLankan from the 1st of July) since they were taken over 50% by Emirates? What did you think about their service, reliability and Aircraft? Please check their new colours and name (the photos are in the airliners photo gallery under Air Lanka) and let me know what you think.

I am planning to fly to London via Colombo in November and would like some feedback.
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RE: Air Lanka

Wed Jul 14, 1999 11:21 pm

I have flown Air Lanka several times. Both before and after the Emirates take over. Personally I found the service had improved after the new management with Emirates. But I have heard word from others that initially there were a few "teething" problems as Emirates took management.In March, I flew Hong Kong-Colombo, and then on to Frankfurt, returning from London to Colombo and back to Hong Kong. All flights were on board the A340 and service was excellent. They are one of the best Asian airlines for in-flight service. Even their pre-Emirates TriStar cabin service was excellent. I know they are a very popular airline on the London-Colombo route and these flights are heavily booked.

RE: Air Lanka

Thu Jul 15, 1999 12:42 am

My parents presently work in Sri Lanka (I study in the UK in the meantime.) I've flown twice with them; once London-Colombo return and once Colombo-Male return.

If I was being honest with you, I'd have to say I was not overly impressed with UL service. The cabin attendants were fine, however, the flight was delayed from BOTH ends (Heathrow and Banderenaike) by 1 hour (Heathrow) and 3 HOURS (!) at CMB. What made the delay particularly annoying was the fact that there was no explanation for the delay!

Before EK took over, there were many stories among the expat community in Colombo about UL's notorious "Delayed" or "Cancelled" flights. Most expats (those are english/american etc. living and working in a foreign country) avoided the airline completely and flew any other airline (Emirates/Gulf Air/Singapore Airlines etc.)

However, I haven't flown since EK started taking over; despite the above, if you have the choice DO FLY with Air Lanka. A new airline is a new experience; you'll be able to form your own opinion, and get the chance to try out an A340 (if you haven't already done so).

GO FOR IT!! Ayubowan Sir. ("Welcome" in Sinhala).