Rolls Royce Engines

Thu Dec 03, 1998 10:19 pm

Is there any sweeter sound in the world than a
Rolls RB spooling up?
At take-off power she sounds like a symphony.
Pratt engines still whine, GE engines vibrate but the Rolls engines are sweet music to an aviators ears.
Now, with the RB's producing even more thrust,
it can only get better.
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RE: Rolls Royce Engines

Thu Dec 03, 1998 10:52 pm

Oh Yeah..................l agree that the fan wine of the RB's sound great, but do not forget that the RR's are 10 years ahead of any other jet engine type in any class. ( ln my opinion ). This l mean by there weight, power, and most importantly, there hot end life..
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RE: Rolls Royce Engines

Fri Dec 04, 1998 3:02 am

Wroking on the ramp with UPS 757s, I noticed that the RR engines were much quieter than the PW engines when they were spooling up. The compressed air was not as loud. They also took less time for them to become self sustaining. I don't have a "favorite" sound, but then again I usually listened through an inch of hearing protection because I'd be on the ground next to the plane.
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RE: Rolls Royce Engines

Fri Dec 04, 1998 5:36 am

You got it aviatorman. How 'bout the sound of a RR Spey spoolin' up? Doesn't it put a chill up your spine?!