Question About Catering

Thu Jul 15, 1999 6:11 am

When I go to Mobile Regional Airport (Small Airport, only 8 Gates) I never see a catering truck pulled up to the hatch of the plane, yet we get Snacks and Beverages. These flights are between Mobile and Atlanta. Does Atlanta stock enough food on the 727 for the flight to Mobile and back to Atlanta? I did see some cups and napkins by Gate 2 (Delta) but no truck. Whatever supplies are taken on in Mobile are loaded through the main passenger door. I have never seen the Galley Hatch opened on a plane in Mobile. I have been to that airport hundreds of times. But in New Orleans I always see catering trucks. Are these trucks based only at large airports?

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RE: Question About Catering

Thu Jul 15, 1999 12:17 pm

For the most part the catering services are based at large airports. In your case it would be a good guess that Delta's planes are stocked in Altanta. Dobbs or whatever catering company they might use probably wouldnt find it profitable to base an operation out of mob. In Birmingham (Alabama) a most airlines use Dobbs, but airlines like TWE who only flies to one place stock their planes by themselves or carry enough for the trip there and back. Hope this helped a little..