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A310-300 Question

Thu Jul 15, 1999 8:35 am

Does the A310-300 have the glass cockpit and side-stick like the 330/340? Also, is the A310-300 suited well for US domestic routes (such as the 767-200), or did Airbus intend for it to be more of a thin-international plane?

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RE: A310-300 Question

Thu Jul 15, 1999 2:31 pm

The A310 features a mixed glass cockpit design. Similar to the 757 and 767. Together with these two airplanes it was the first to utilise EFIS in it's cockpit. However it has conventional flight controls with the yoke mounted as any other jetliner. ECAM (Similar to EICAS on the 757/767), FADEC together with the EFIS tubes made the A310 a very sophisticated plane for its time.
However it can't compete with recent technologies found in the 777 and A330/340 aircraft.
Do you know the 777 even has a system that detects if the crew seem to be too quiet.... If it senses no action whatsoever in the cockpit, it generates a "PILOT RESPONSE" message on the EICAS screen. If it still doesn't sense anything it becomes a caution. The associated light and aural tone sound. Still nothing and you get a full blown warning !!!!
Now that is technology..........


RE: A310-300 Question

Thu Jul 15, 1999 10:07 pm

The A310-200-300 has got the same cockpit as
A300-600R, not as A320-familly ore A330/A340.

The A310-200 was made fore the european ruots,
and the A310-300 was made fore thin-international plane, not fore a american service, and dont think
that there are any operators in America then PAN AM.
(and fedex!)

A310-200 is a good replacer fore airlines that finds
A321 to have to small cargo and the B757-200 to
be to expensive.

A310-300 is good fore airlines who is starting there firrst international flights.
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RE: A310-300 Question

Thu Jul 15, 1999 11:34 pm

The A310-300 is a great plane, very powerful and sporty. Nearly every flag-carrier that started international service in the 80s used it, mostly in the third world. It combines the prestige and comfort of widebodies with a small, sellable capacity (and loads of cargo space that the 767 doesn't have). Perfect for small long-haul giv't carriers. As for the cockpit, it is definitely one of the most stylish in planes, as you would expect considering it was designed by Porsche!
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