This Question For Airline Workers

Thu Jul 15, 1999 11:41 am

If you work for an airline or airport and stock airplanes, does a typical Boeing 727 hold enough drinks so all Coach passengers get 1 beverage and
First Class Passengers get 2 or more? Or are hundreds of drinks just loaded aboard?

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RE: This Question For Airline Workers

Thu Jul 15, 1999 12:13 pm

A big varible in that question is the configuration of that aircraft.. Specificly the number of galleys that are installed and the number of seats installed. The duration of the flight also will increase or decrease the demand for drinks.

As far as the 727-100QC's that Reeve operated. Carrying a full load of drinks was pretty easy to do since their aircraft where usually operated with between 48 to 66 seats. Only when the aircraft was opperated in an all seats configuration was galley capacity squeezed. Another factor giving those galleys more room was the fact that they didn't carry carts on their aircraft. So those storage areas where also available.

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