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UA's 744s

Sat Oct 27, 2001 2:44 am

Does anybody happen to know the status of United's refurbishments to their 744 fleet? Their web site has two congiurations for International 744 services (identified by "Worldwide 1" and "Worldwide 2". Worldwide 1 is the refurbished type with First Class Suites, etc.)

Will the added amenities include PTVs in Economy?

I'll be flying SFO-NRT on 11/17 and am curious.
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RE: UA's 744s

Sat Oct 27, 2001 4:05 am

The PTV in coach project has been put on hold for cash reasons. This was done prior to the Septemeber 11th attacks.

Currently, all in service 747s at United are equiped with the first suite, enhanced business, and economy plus.

If you want a PTV on your flight to NRT, there is a 777 that also goes to Tokyo from SFO daily. All of the international 777s have PTVs.

Either way, enjoy your flight! And thank you for flying United Airlines.

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