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Anthrax In Cabin?

Mon Oct 29, 2001 2:15 am

I don't want to alarm anyone but...
I just finished watching the TV movie "No Where to Land" and I thought, couldn't it be possible to place a large amount of anthrax by a vent in a plane? Correct me if I'm wrong, can't anthrax be spreaded by air? What do you think?
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RE: Anthrax In Cabin?

Mon Oct 29, 2001 2:18 am

I suggest reading the book Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy then answer that question. OK I'll skip to the chase...YES.
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RE: Anthrax In Cabin?

Mon Oct 29, 2001 2:23 am

Anthrax is spread by inhalation of spores, from what I've read on CNN (at least the inhalation kind). It is not contagious becuase you have to directly inhale the spores...but if someone dumped spores into the ventilation system...  Sad
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RE: Anthrax In Cabin?

Mon Oct 29, 2001 2:41 am

Yeah, spores COULD be transmitted via the ventilation systems. But remember, there is very little movement forward or aft of air, so any distribution will be limited to a few rows. Also (on the Boeing's i'm familiar with -- 767/747/777) the filters would be able to catch the spores to prevent them from spreading. Not to mention that about 80% of the air coming into the cabin is fresh and only 20% is recycled.
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