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Varig's 747-300's

Fri Jul 16, 1999 9:14 am

Why and when did Varig retire their 747-300 fleet? What does RG have to replace them? The MD-11's?

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RE: Varig's 747-300's

Fri Jul 16, 1999 10:20 am

I guess the Varig 747-300's marked a symbol in Varig's fleet for quite a while. The main reason for its retirement, or reasons, are for refurbishing the fleet, and due to economic problems. I heard say that the fleet will become more compact to sustain growing competition in the market, as 777 will enter the fleet later, and probably fill in for some routes the 743 had. The same happen with the 747-400 of Varig which lasted a few years. It is sad though as those GRU-LAX legs won't have the 743 prestige anymore, but in compensation, the MD-11's will do the job.

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RE: Varig's 747-300's

Fri Jul 16, 1999 6:26 pm

The 743s were parked at the end of May and it was to lower capacity and to get fleet commonality. They have also basically gotten rid of the DC-10s. The flights this week seems to be very full and agree with Leo-ERJ that the 777s will eventually fly the routes where to 743s used to fly. Varig also increased frequency on a lot of routes like LAX-NRT, LAX-GRU and LHR-GRU. I do miss those 747s though!!!
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