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A310 'Lite' ?

Sat Jul 17, 1999 3:13 am

I recall reading that Airbus has toyed with the idea of building a competitor to the 757-300 which they dubbed 'A310 Lite'. It would consist of a basic A310 structure put on a 'diet' of the latest materials and structures, but with somewhat less range than the A310-300, presumably because less fuel would be carried in the lighter structure. It was billed as a possible competitor to the 757-300, giving widebody comfort at narrowbody operating expenses. Has anybody heard about this? If so, what is the status of the project?

I, for one, would ride in an A310 over a 757 any day, and would applaud any aircraft that would offer some comfort advantage over that 'endless 6-abreast' of the 757 which seems to be spreading like disease on long US routes.

RE: A310 'Lite' ?

Sat Jul 17, 1999 3:51 am

I read some time ago that Airbus was working on a "face-lift" for the A310 with A320/330/340 cockpit and impoved materials....but I thought it was going to be a A310-300 with more range etc....(competing with the B767-300). I did not know about the competition with the B757-300...I guess the A321 can not be streched any longer..(the landing gears and the wing will be insufficient requiring more than just a stretch!!!)
Whether it is a B757-300 or 767-300 competitor, Airbus needs an upgraded A310 to compete in the 180-230 seats segment...If Boeing can revive a 30 yr old design (i.e. B737NG, B747) Airbus should be able to revive a 25 yr old one (based on the A300)

And yes I agree with you on your preference of the A310 on 3+ hrs routes, even though the B757 is an impressive flying machine.