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Police On JMC Airlines Flight.

Thu Nov 01, 2001 3:11 am

I went to Heraklion last week from Newcastle and when I got one there was an armed police guard at the rear door, behind the steward. Anyone know why? There was no such thing on the return journey, and the police man didnt leave with the flight.
I certainly wasnt expecting such security on a holiday flight, but i do think NCL security has stepped up: 5 people doing passenger searches instead of normal 3, I got searched twice. And asked at checkinn if I had any sharp instruments in luggage. Other than that it was a normal flight.
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RE: Police On JMC Airlines Flight.

Thu Nov 01, 2001 6:34 am

Air Marshals will start flying on board every single flight to make sure flights are safe at take off & landing....

Homeland security will start high security alerts in all airports worldwide.

National Guards are seen at every airports since the September 11th ATTACK.

When you fly, you will be safe where national guards will be around to protect and serve people in secured area.

JFK airport, October 26 & 27... I seen many national guards crowded in the custom area at Delta Terminal(10/26/01), and at American Terminal(10/27/01).

They were standing at the preboard screener at JFK where I boarded AA105 from American Terminal gate 48 to DFW. Security were checking baggages at the security clearance to make sure no sharp objects are in your bags. Sharp Objects are to be taken by airport security. No Expections !!

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RE: Police On JMC Airlines Flight.

Thu Nov 01, 2001 7:12 am

Oh dear.....