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Aer Lingus: Next Sabena/Swissair?

Thu Nov 01, 2001 5:17 am

We've been debating on this site a lot about Sabena and Swissair. However, one airline is missing in the discussions and that is Aer Lingus. The pride of Ireland is in very very serious trouble (at least according to what I'm reading lately). Not only because Ryanair is eating EI's market share but it also seems to be close to bankruptcy. Does anybody know it this is true?

According to the BBC Aer Lingus is losing IEP 1.56 mio a day (almost EUR 2mio if I'm right). However they seem have taken some cost cutting measures by axing 2,000 jobs (they paid the redundancy cost by selling two B737's)

Therefore my question. Is Aer Lingus in the same finacial position as Sabena and Swissair or is it in a worse or better position?



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