UAL 747 Fleet From Frankfurt

Sat Jul 17, 1999 6:06 am

Does anyone know what planes UAL is flying on flight 917 from Frankfurt to Dulles? I see 747 listed, but UAL shows 5 different 747 types on their page.

I'm booked in C class (business I think). I was wondering if I'll be on the upper deck. It would be the first time in years up there...

Thanks for any help.
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RE: UAL 747 Fleet From Frankfurt

Sat Jul 17, 1999 6:34 am

I am assuming that it will be a 747-400OB aircraft (upgraded seats, PTV's, increased legroom, increased United Business seating). The 747-400OB seats: 18F, 84B, 270Y. You should have an exceptionally good flight, especially if you're on the OB aircraft. If you want to be 100% sure about this, call United Reservations (1-800-241-6522) and then talk to the International people (#4 on the option list). Give them your name, the day you're flying, etc. and then ask what type of plane it is. If they give you the "it's a 747, sir" line, ask what the seating capacity is, and then if it is not the same as the 18F, 84B, 270Y as I listed here, post another message, and I will find out the other seating config for you!


Thanks To Fly777UAL

Sat Jul 17, 1999 6:39 am

Thanks for the help...

BTW, the best FRA to USA flights I have had are UAL777 ones. If you work for United, let me thank you personally.