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Ex-SQ A340 B HXN

Thu Nov 01, 2001 12:43 pm

I just flew one of Cathay Pacific's newly acquired, ex-SQ A 340's , B-HXN, and would like to let you know some of my observations:

-It has the new Betsy First Class as well as the new Business Class with the "Magellan" beds. (Why they are called "Magellan" is a bit of a mystery to me. Does anyone know?)

-It has a new carpet design with a blue and green check pattern that is a big improvement from the previous CX green with the abstract wave design.

- Economy class retains the old SQ seats but with new CX upholstery. One can distinguish these seats from the CX standard because they have adjustable headrest wings, headset jacks are triple-pronged, and IFE controls are removable from the armrest and could be used as a phone if activated; CX has opted to deactivate this feature and installed phones near service areas like their other aircraft. Seat trays and PTV shroud are purple-tinged gray like other SQ aircraft.

-Side walls and bulkheads are all CX.

Y class lavatories have the SQ layout with no through passage through the center section because of provisions for the handicapped.

CX has done a very good job in bringing the aircraft to fleet standard, but there are differences if one cares to look for them. I only wish CX changed the seat cushions because although they look nice with the new upholstery, the foam has lost "zing".
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RE: Ex-SQ A340 B HXN

Thu Nov 01, 2001 1:05 pm

Ferdinand Magellan was a famous explorer back in the 1500s.. I'm guessing the name is inspired by him to give an impression of grandeur, unknown frontiers, etcetcetc.