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Sat Jul 17, 1999 10:18 pm

I am going to Europe for 2 months and i was wondering what planes to take, my plan goes liker this.....
New York~~~~~~~London
Moscow~~~~~~~New York
Amstradam we have a Bus tyhat will take us, and Frankfurt to Vienna we have busses, but NY-London, and London to Anmstardam, and Vienna Moscow, and Moscow New york i need to know what plane to take, and sujestions?
Thanks in advace
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RE: Flight

Sat Jul 17, 1999 10:49 pm

I would choose the cheaper ones. BTW, in Amsterdam that bus will take you from were to were?

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RE: Flight

Sun Jul 18, 1999 1:03 am

JFK-LHR if BA will be a 747-200.
LHR-AMS if BA will be a 757-200.
AMS-FRA if KLM (or Lufthansa) will be some kind of a 737.
VIE-Moscow if Austrian will be an A310-300.
Moscow-JFK if Aeroflot will be either a 767-300 or a 777-200ER.
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