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Slipping And Sliding 747

Sat Nov 03, 2001 9:26 pm

I got this article from The Anchorage Daily News. At least the airplane doesn't sound like it was hurt at all.

Cargo jet slides off Elmendorf runway during takeoff.

ACCIDENT: No damage or injuries to 12-member crew reported.

By Doug O'harra
Anchorage Daily News

(Published: November 3, 2001)
A civilian cargo jet slid off the runway on Elmendorf Air Force Base as it began its takeoff early Friday morning, but the accident didn't significantly disrupt military operations, according to the U.S. Air Force.

None of the 12 on-duty and relief crew members aboard the Atlas Air Inc. Boeing 747 reported injuries, and the aircraft didn't appear to be damaged, said company spokeswoman Rachel Berry.

The aircraft had taxied to the west end of a main runway and was beginning to accelerate east about 8:30 a.m. when it slid onto the tarmac to one side, said 3rd Wing spokesman Maj. Johnn Kennedy.

"Shortly after commencing takeoff, the aircraft departed the runway and came to a stop a few feet off the runway," Berry said. "We have already begun an investigation internally."

The jet was towed from the location by early afternoon, Berry said. Elmendorf's aircraft were able to continue flying that morning, Kennedy said. "It was far enough off the runway that we could still use it."

Founded in 1992, the New York-based Atlas has become the third largest cargo carrier in the world behind Federal Express and UPS, according to the company's Web site. It specializes in hauling supplies and goods with its fleet of 37 Boeing 747s.

Barry confirmed that the jet was hauling for the U.S. military but wouldn't release any additional information. Whether the mishap would have any significant impact on military operations was also not disclosed.

"At the very least, it will delay delivery of some cargo somewhere," Kennedy said. "But that's one of the things that we don't discuss much these days."

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