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Crosswind Landings At MAN

Sat Nov 03, 2001 11:54 pm

I had no idea crosswind landings existed at MAN. I thought they only existed in areas of the world such as 'Chep Lap Kok' and once upon a time 'Kai Tak'.

Especially, looking at the example, is there enough time to deploy brakes even though the plane has just touched down half way down the runway ?

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Photo © Chris Sheldon

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RE: Crosswind Landings At MAN

Sun Nov 04, 2001 12:01 am

Had to answer this one!

The wind can come from any direction, you can get a crosswind anywhere in the world!

Runways are normally roughly alligned into the prevailing wind, but on any given day chances are there will be a crosswind. Sometimes that will be particularly strong, as it appears above.

Each aircraft type has a crosswind limit, and pilots will have varying crosswind limits in which they can operate.

Looks like if this 747 did touch down halfway along the runway, the crew let things run away with them on this occasion. Yes a 747 can stop in 5000 without much difficulty, I've landed on a BA 747-400 at Boston on a runway just over 7000' long and we didn't use more than 2/3 of it.

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RE: Crosswind Landings At MAN

Sun Nov 04, 2001 12:45 am

Thanks. You answered my question perfectly.
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RE: Crosswind Landings At MAN

Sun Nov 04, 2001 1:04 am

Just to add what Crosswind mentionned, designers try to ensure runways are roughly aligned with the prevailing wind.

However, often envrionmental of physical factors prevent runways from being built into the prevailing wind. Factors such as water, obstacles, noise sensitive areas, etc etc. When this happens, you may find that these types of runways are more succeptable to crosswinds.

But winds being what they are, it's a very inexact science!
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