Air Wisconsin BAE-146

Sun Jul 18, 1999 1:09 pm

I just got back from a pleasnt trip on an Air Wisconsin BAE-146 (In United Colors) . Does anybody know if they had the current United interior colors on their planes in the 80's when they were only Air Wisconsin and in Air Wisconsin colors? They now have the United interiors on all their planes.

Also, when Continental Express operated the BAE-146 (Years Ago) did they have just Coach? Also, anyone remember the interior design? I have a photo of a Continental Express BAE-146 in my book.

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Colin Kumpunen (American MD-80)

RE: Air Wisconsin BAE-146

Sun Jul 18, 1999 4:15 pm

I went aboard an Air Wisconsin when it was at LAX doing a seasonal LAX-Vail, LAX-Aspen flights..The interior was UAL. As for Continental..The 146's they had were actually Presidental Airways' BAe's operating on behalf of Continental Express

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RE: Air Wisconsin BAE-146

Mon Jul 19, 1999 1:53 am

The Continental 'Jet" Express BAE-146's retained the Presidential Airways interior and configuration. I once flew into Dulles on one, and I'f my memory doesn't fail me it was an all-coach configuration. I was surprised that for such a quiet aircraft (on the outside) it sure made a lot of noise in the cabin.


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