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Gulf Air!

Sun Jul 18, 1999 7:31 pm

Hey guys

who knows anything about this airline? They have amazingly cheap tickets in business and first class!

DO they have a website?!

Have any of you flown on them/.... what are they like? Safety good?

Catchya and thanks!
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RE: Gulf Air!

Sun Jul 18, 1999 8:04 pm

I flew GF last year Singapore-Abu Dhabi-Singapore in economy class. They were okay, but no where as good as Emirates are. They flew a cramped B767 on the way there, but on return it was an A340. Food was okay. I think I saw PTVs in Business Class. Most of their fares are really cheap. They are trying to compete with Emirates head on. Nevertheless, they are worth a try. They do have a web site, i think it is or
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RE: Gulf Air!

Sun Jul 18, 1999 8:18 pm

website doesnt work
thanks for info though
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RE: Gulf Air!

Sun Jul 18, 1999 8:55 pm

they do indeed have a website and I just so happen have a link to them from my website...
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RE: Gulf Air!

Sun Jul 18, 1999 10:08 pm


RE: Gulf Air!

Mon Jul 19, 1999 5:23 pm

l just know that they have hade so much money
problem that they wont make it if they get in to troble again. Its ownd by a rich shejk today and he hase lost
lots of money. GulfAir was big during the time Emirates and other gulf airlines didt operate, they hade only Saudia to compit with !

They have almoust as good service as Saudia.
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RE: Gulf Air!

Tue Jul 20, 1999 6:12 pm

Hi Ansett767.

My personall feeling about Gulf Air is that they are quite nice. Perhaps not so good has the real classic airlines ( they are quite new in the business ) but they carry on. I flew with them in 80/09/04 with the good old L1011-100 A40-TW from Amsterdam to London early in the morning and we had a full breakfast for a 40 minutes ride. The funny thing on that flight was 95% of the people was arab and most of the crew or was european or asian, so it was quite an experience.
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