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Concorde In Singapore

Fri Dec 04, 1998 3:32 pm

My mom just came back from a trip from Singapore. She flew on Singapore Airlines and United Airlines. From Singapore she flew to Los Angles with a stop at Taipei. On a Boeing 747-400 from Singapore to Los Angles than a United Airlines 757-200 to Seattle.

To my question, I was watching a video she made at the Singapore Airport and I saw a British Airways Concorde on the tarmac. It was just parked there but I didn't see nothing else going on. Does anybody know why the British Airways Concorde was there? Also, could the Concorde go non-stop from Singapore to London?
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RE: Concorde In Singapore

Sat Dec 05, 1998 1:35 am

It was probably there for a promotional tour or something. Or it could have been there for the airshow (might be mistaken though). Or it could have been one of the stops for the round the world flight of some sorth.
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RE: Concorde In Singapore

Sat Dec 05, 1998 2:53 am

BA Concordes tend to do a lot of special flights, including flying
over Santa's house at Christmas. Not that that's got anything do do
with Singapore - I just thought I'd mention it.
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RE: Concorde In Singapore

Sat Dec 05, 1998 7:53 am

BA's Concorde was probably there on a charter flight. The Concorde used to operate LHR to SIN everyday. In fact, Singapore International Airlines was going to buy the Concorde when it first came out. Now, LHR-SIN is operated solely by the airlines 747-400s.
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