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Avensa And Brazil

Wed Nov 07, 2001 4:22 am

Made in Venezuela

The commandant of the Venezuelan Military Aviation outlined to the president of Embraer (the aeronautical industry of Brazil a strategic alliance for the production in Venezuelan floor of an agricultural airplane, the Ipanema, and another of 30 squares, the Brasilia.

For this last one, the price overcomes the five million dollars for unit. In the Civil Aviation, Avensa, as it has announced some months ago, is interested in acquiring it for shourt routes; and the aviation hopes to incorporate it to the social routes and to give a rest to the C-130's.
The Ipanema costs about 200.000 dollars and the idea is to export it to the continent. Both airplanes will come out 20 cheaper if they will be produced in Venezuela.

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Photo © Jose Francisco Gouvea V. Filho