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ERJ-145 Range

Mon Jul 19, 1999 5:45 am

What is the range of both the basic model ERJ-145 and the ERJ-145LR? If you don't have an exact number, would the ERJ's be able to fly from SFO to the Pacific Northwest and to the South West?

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RE: ERJ-145 Range

Mon Jul 19, 1999 6:41 am

The range of the ERJ-145 is 2965Km (1600 naut mls). I don't know about the LR
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RE: ERJ-145 Range

Mon Jul 19, 1999 11:00 am

I believe that the ERJ-145 is perfectly capable of flying a route from SFO to cities in the Pacific Northwest. American Eagle initiated seasonal CMH-MIA service, which is about a 2 1/2 hour flight. So I think that SFO could have ERJ flights to the Pacific NW.

RE: ERJ-145 Range

Mon Jul 19, 1999 5:23 pm

The LR(Long range) doesent mean that its range is
much longer then the basic 145, this LR versin hase
got better engine fore longer flight and a bit more
fuel(not much more), if they would have too much
feul the aircraft would become less efficent.
The LR version hadse got some sort of engin that
Continental hase wanted fore its longer flights over
warm cityes(l think) ??
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RE: ERJ-145 Range

Mon Jul 19, 1999 8:45 pm

I'd suggest you to check it in

TP343, São Paulo, Brazil.

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