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Just Curious...

Thu Nov 08, 2001 10:27 am

Hey all ;

Does anyone here have any info on a new airline called "Transjet" whom seems to operate MD83´s with swedish registrations.
Haven´t been able to find any useful info,just alot of rumours about it,such as one of the persons behind it is no other than the (in)famous Mr.Tomas Johansson whom also was involved with airlines long gone such as "Sultan Air","Time Air Sweden",Air Ops" i.e.

One rumour even states that the airline has opted for at least two more swedish registrations earmarked for 747´s...

Grateful for any info at all....

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RE: Just Curious...

Thu Nov 08, 2001 11:23 am

Hello Ratzz,

they operated two MD-83s, SE-RBL & SE-RBI and are based in Manchester, UK.
It seems like they are operating more flights for other companies, especially for Condor in the past few weeks, than for themself.
Haven`t heard about the 747 roumor yet....

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RE: Just Curious...

Thu Nov 08, 2001 12:02 pm

Is this the same airline? If so, they are listed here:


Back in August, a group of passengers became unruly on a Transjet flight that had to make an unscheduled landing to add more fuel.


I think this is a picture of one of their planes.


Try doing a search for Transjet on google.com and there's more stuff that comes up.


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RE: Just Curious...

Fri Nov 09, 2001 8:14 am

Yep,that´s the airline allright....

Reason for me beeing curious was that one of their MD´s suddenly showed up at ARN in the middle of the night,apparently a ferryflight cause it was almost instantly towed away with all lights turned off and parked in a remote hangar where it sat for x days before leaving ARN seemingly unnoticed one night...
Maybe just scheduled maintenance,but none of us who worked that night on my shift had heard about&let alone seen the company before.