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Delays On Flights To Milan

Thu Nov 08, 2001 6:50 pm

The daily Alitalia flight AZ819 is scheduled to leave
Tunis to Milan at 07:05.
Today's flight departed by 09:20,and this is not an
exception !!!

Is it the result of poor weather conditions,congestion,
or the restrictions imposed upon MXP and LIN after
the SAS crash ?

Note: AZ819 leaves for Malpensa and not Linate.
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RE: Delays On Flights To Milan

Thu Nov 08, 2001 7:03 pm

Most carriers were delayed this morning into Northern
Italian airports due to fog.
This is a common problem during winter and has a
concertina effect on all flights being delay
BA diverted to Bergamo this morning due to weather
on the early Milan flight from London

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RE: Delays On Flights To Milan

Thu Nov 08, 2001 10:11 pm

I live in the Milan area and yesterday and this morning is very foggy.
Visibility is under 100metres, so due to the new security procedures after SAS crashed in LIN one month ago, the moviment per hour allowed in both airports are 6 per hour in spite of the usually 70 in MXP and 24 in LIN.
Also on TV they talked about the large number of delayed, cancellations and divertions in other airports.
Some special trains were organizated to connect Milan with Rome and Naples.
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RE: Delays On Flights To Milan

Fri Nov 09, 2001 12:51 am

I learned, after travelling there this spring, that delays into and out of Milan are commonplace. The primary culprit is weather, although strikes by any of the many unions in the area can and do cause delays as well.

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