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767-400 Vs A330-200: Speed?

Mon Jul 19, 1999 11:46 pm

I am enjoying the new battle between these hot-rod twins. One question, though. Will they have similar cruising speeds? The 767-200/300 is notoriously pokey. On those long transatlantic segments this can mean up to an extra hour in the air. Is Boeing speeding up the -400, and how will it compare to the A330-200?
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RE: 767-400 Vs A330-200: Speed?

Tue Jul 20, 1999 12:10 am

Don't know about the 767-400 specifically, but I doubt it's any faster than it's predecessors. The A330 is a fast jet, whereas, like you say, the 767 is notoriously slow. I avoid them on long flights cos it's an extra hour (not like the A340 vs 747 debate, where the 747 might save an extra 20 minutes on a long flight). The 767 is outdated, who is buying them other than Delta and a few for Continental?
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RE: 767-400 Vs A330-200: Speed?

Tue Jul 20, 1999 12:14 am

ILFC and GECAS have placed orders as well. Boeing is hoping to announce some new orders soon.
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Cruise Speeds

Tue Jul 20, 1999 6:23 am

B767 cruise: Mach .80 - Max range: 6,700 nm
A330 cruise: Mach .82 - Max range: 6,500 nm

B747 cruise: Mach .85 - Max range: 7,500 nm
A340 cruise: Mach .82 - Max range: 7,500 nm

Which one do you think gives more difference.
0.2 Mach over 6,500 nm or 0.3 Mach over 7,500 nm?

By the way, the max difference in the first combination would be between 50 and 70 nautical miles. Or about 10 minutes.
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