Holiday Dinners Inflight

Tue Jul 20, 1999 12:45 am

Do the airlines do something special during the Holidays, like serve a big feast on China in coach?

Also, are there any airlines in the US (Besides Midwest Express) that serve Coach meals on China?

Colin Kumpunen (American MD-80)
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RE: Holiday Dinners Inflight

Tue Jul 20, 1999 4:34 am

I know that some airlines do special things for their passengers on holiday flights, for example United gave its passengers candy canes during Christmas. However, nothing special happened when I flew United on the fourth of July. I am only aware of menu changes during holidays. For example, Delta fed its passengers traditional Thanksgiving fare. However, no china service or anything. I do not believe any airlines other than Midwest Express serve coach meals on china - even on international flights.
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RE: Holiday Dinners Inflight

Tue Jul 20, 1999 5:49 am

the best time to fly united is on chirstmas day. The plane is empty. Their is better food. The flight attendants give you free phone calls. It is the best day of the year to fly.

RE: Holiday Dinners Inflight

Tue Jul 27, 1999 11:55 am

I never flew during a holiday, but I recently flew coach on National Airlines , round trip JFK-LAS, and coming back to New York the dinner was on china. However, going to Vegas, breakfast was on a little aluminum tray. Their in-flight magazine, Flyer (I think it was called that) said that they served all meals on china. Well, it didn't matter to me what they served it on, the food wasn't so great anyway.


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Tue Jul 27, 1999 1:01 pm

How was National Airlines?