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New Life For Combi's?

Sun Nov 11, 2001 12:01 am

Just had this thought going through my head. With passenger loads declining, and cargo industry still growing, would this increase the demand for combi aircraft? I doubt cargo has any fear of flying.  Smile I realize that passenger loads are going to come back, but it is something to ponder. I am curious how 747 Combi flights are doing right now.

What is your opinion?
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RE: New Life For Combi's?

Sun Nov 11, 2001 4:08 am

Cargo, afraid to fly lol, i think there isa potentially big market 4 combi ac in times like these, Air Canada has disposed (i think) of one of its pax 744s and that leaves 3combi, 3pax...... perhaps they read your mid...