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Emirates 777 Order At Dubai

Mon Nov 12, 2001 3:29 am

Just curious....
While Airbus has news of their order from Emirates for A330's, A380's and A346's plastered over their web page, Boeing mentions nothing of the 25 777's Emirates ordered with them at Dubai on their site. Why is this? Is it not a firm order? Is Emirates just picking up other people's 777's that are now lying about? Usually Boeing reports any sale right away, so I was wondering why there is no mention.
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RE: Emirates 777 Order At Dubai

Mon Nov 12, 2001 3:53 am

It seems as Boeing has been slow lately to show new orders and deliveries as they usually do quite swiftly...
Not even a word on the delivery of the first 777 to Varig for example..

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RE: Emirates 777 Order At Dubai

Mon Nov 12, 2001 4:25 am


Unfortunately the Emirates "order" was actually only a Letter of Intent and not a firm order with deposit's paid. The Airbus order was a firm order with the exception of the A340-600 component which was also a Letter of Intent.

I would assume that Boeing are awaiting what the final composition/breakdown is among the various 777 models will be and for the contract to be a firm order before announcing it on their website.

Perhaps Emitares777 could elaborate further as he's posts and information are the best I ever see with regards to the operations of that airline. If I am mistaken in my post someone please feel free to correct me.

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RE: Emirates 777 Order At Dubai

Mon Nov 12, 2001 6:49 pm

Yes the Emirates B777 and A340-600 order are only an LOI at this stage. The firm order hasn't been signed because:

(1) Emirates is still finalising the precise acft mix (-200/-300/-300ER) for the B777s
(2) Engine selection for B777s and A380s

I think (2) is most important. Emirates are delaying engine selection for the 777 and 380s in order to drive even better prices from the manufacturers. Rolls Royce isn't going to take the engine allocation just that easily anymore.

Also i believe they are going to arrange for the aircraft to be delivered via a leasing company (similar to what they did with their Farnborough 2000 order for 6x B773). The LOI was signed at the show and firm order only placed at a later date. I would expect final selection of acft mix and engines and the firm order by Farnborough 2002 (6-7 months from now).

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RE: Emirates 777 Order At Dubai

Tue Nov 13, 2001 6:23 am

Hasn´t Emirates already selected the Trent for the A380? Apart from that: Boeing usually does not announce Letters of Intent although they have done so in recent times at least once: Midwest Express. THAT order however has yet to be confirmed by Boeing.

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