United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Tue Jul 20, 1999 2:15 pm

I am about to travel on a United Express Emb-120 Brasilia. I was wondering what you think of them. I am in the first row on the captains side of the aircraft. Also where are the Ual Express gates at SFO and do you have to take a bus to get back to the UAL terminal.
Thanks in advance.

-Chris (Ual 737-300)
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RE: United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Tue Jul 20, 1999 2:26 pm

I personally don't like them just because they are a prop...I don't feel as safe as I do on a jet. As to the UA terminal, you will have to take a bus from gate 87a to the United Express 'terminal' (if you want to call it that) out on the tarmac. You will have a great view of the new terminal at SFO!

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RE: United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Tue Jul 20, 1999 4:07 pm

I have flown on United Express and Skywest Embraer 120's . I enjoyed flying on them very much. I am not sure about gates at SFO or anything but I did get to take a bus at LAX. It was a thrill, we drove right next to 747's and i got many many great shots from the ground. I enjoyed it very much.
Good luck on your flight and I hope you will enjoy your trip as much I enjoyed my trips.

P.S. After flying on the 120 I fell in love with it. It truley is a gorgeous aircraft if you look at it from the right angles.
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RE: United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Tue Jul 20, 1999 6:03 pm

Hi Ual 737-300.

I would like to give my personal comment on that. I flew last summer United Express EMB-120 ( actually it was a Skywest livery airplane ) N216SW from Fresno to LAX and it was a nice flight. The airplane tends to be a little bit noisy, but that's quite normal, its a turbo-prop, but besides that it was a nice ride, it took 60 minutes and we could see the ground from a diferent prspective. The plane was not going to high anyway! The landing was smoth but we had to brake hard before we crossed the runway. My wife noted that and a few seconds after we saw rotating a nice Alitalia MD11.
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RE: United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Tue Jul 20, 1999 11:07 pm

The Emb-120 is actually a pretty nice ride. If you are up front by the prop's however it will be somewhat noisy! If you are exit row qualified, you have to try for the exit row seat on the 2-seat side. ASA's and Comair's Brasilla's seem to have more leg room in their exit row than a jet! Of all the commuters that I have flown on, the Emb-120 has by far the best exit row seating!!! You wont be disapointed. Oh, and btw. . .the lav has a window in it! kl99
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RE: United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Fri Jul 23, 1999 10:21 am

Hi-- I'm probably going to be on a UA (Skywest) EMB-120 this fall on--get this-- a flight from SNA-LAX. The scheduled time is 30 min, but I suspect flying time will be closer to 15. So I guess with such a short flight it doesn't really matter where I sit, but since I can't book exit rows-- does anyone have any suggestion as to row number? Is closer to the front simply noisier b/c of the props or is behind the props worse? Thanks.
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RE: United Express Emb-120 Brasialia

Fri Jul 23, 1999 10:30 am

thats the best airplane ever made in my opinion i have my own in arkansas

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