UTW Virtual Airlines

Tue Jul 20, 1999 3:47 pm

I am thinking about forming a virtual airline called Utah Trans West Virtual Airlines (UTW). It would be based in Salt Lake City, UT, and would serve about 116 destinations in the western and midwestern USA with special service to Hawaii, Alaska and Florida. You choose which aircraft and destinations you want to fly to, and I send you the aircraft and Wordpad format route assignment and personized logbook, which you would send back to me after every flight. I have already made the livery up, but still have to make the planes. I won't have UTW up and running for quite a while still, but I would like some opinions on how to run it, and whatever you think of it.
I would have these aircraft:

de Havilland Dash 8
Canadair Regional Jet
Boeing 737-500
Boeing 717-200
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767-300ER
Boeing 777-200
Boeing MD-88
Boeing MD-11

The number of aircraft depends on how many people want to fly them. Really run by the people. Unlike a real airline, you choose where you want to fly, what you want to fly, and when you want to fly. Sounds good? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

DL 604

(formerly Fly 757-200!)

Would Anyone Like To...

Wed Jul 21, 1999 12:00 am

When I eventually do start UTW, would anyone in like to be a board member of UTW, i.e. help run it?

DL 604