Latest On JAL/JAS Merger/cooperation Deal

Mon Nov 12, 2001 3:30 pm

JAL and JAS had a meeting on November 12 about the merger/co-operation of the 2 of BIG 3 in Japan.

The current co-operation between the 2 airlines includes:

(a) From Spring 2001 the airlines have offered joint automatic self check-in machines at key off-airport passenger terminals, including Hamamatsucho and Haneda monorail stations, both in Tokyo, Yokohama City Air Terminal, Shinagawa station of Keihin Kyuko Railways, Sapporo and Hakata Japan Rail stations, and Fukuoka Airport subway station. The co-operation will help save development costs of software and hardware.

(b) The two airlines are jointly developing airport gate boarding card processing machines for
introduction by 2002. Currently both companies operate their own, different machines at 15 airports

Other co-operation present and past includes:

* JAS currently handles JAL flights at the domestic airports of Memambetsu and Yamagata.

* JAL provides ramp handling and cargo support services for JAS at Kansai international Airport for international and domestic flights.

* Joint promotion of a domestic shuttle service between Tokyo and Osaka including JAL, JAS and ANA.

* In the past JAL has operated code share flights with JAS between Tokyo and Seoul, but this arrangement has already ended.

Meanwhile, JAL has denied media's reports that the two airline has reached the new co-operation agreement and merger deal.

With JAL/JAS' new cooperation, expected to be in effect autumn 2002 (if the merger goes ahead), JAL/JAS will have 50% of share in domestic market, and 75% of international market from japan, and it's expected to be the World's 6th largest airline group.

The last airline merger in Japan was back in 1960s and 70s.