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GE90 Problems?

Wed Jul 21, 1999 4:30 am

I gather that the GE90 has had it share of teething problems, and hope some of you 'in the know' can elaborate on them. I've heard something about engine flame-outs at rotation and oil pressure problems. Just what is going on to make BA so upset?

I'm not out to give GE a hard time and should point out that I have spoken to a CO 777 captain who had very good things to say about the engine, and as a passenger on a CO 777, I was duly impressed with the smooth operation of the powerplant -- and I was sitting right in the engine line. Saudia and AF also have GE90-powered fleets. What are they saying? Is is possible that BA, being the first guy on the block, got 'early' hardware that did not have all the bugs ironed out?

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