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Introduction + Considerations On A300/310NG

Thu Nov 15, 2001 2:39 am


This is my first post in the forum.
I found very interesting the thread about
updating the A300/310 family, so here
I post some considerations on what could
be changed in an already good design:

What should be changed:
1. Re-engined with RR Trent 500 versions.
2. Expand the use of Al-Li or composites
where possible (excluding structural
assemblies which should remain
3. Introduce "scimitar" wingtips like those
in Boeing 764/773ER.
4. Replace cockpit CRTs+Dials by an all-LCD
instrumentation that should mantain
common type rating with the current

What should be kept:
1. Flight control systems:
Since the A300-600 and the A310-300
already feature CG shift control via
fuel transfer, adding a FBW flight
control would only bring marginal
improvement in fuel consumption.
2. No IGW versions, since those would
be competing with A332.

The introduction of the 300NG/310NG
should target the same mid-range
market of the Boeing 752/753.
Looking forward to some discussion about
my input.


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