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Open Mics

Thu Nov 15, 2001 11:57 am

Do any rampers or anyone else for that matter have any good stories from listening to open mics?

When we push the plane from the gate, we have the headset plugged into the intercom port of the airplane.
This is comunication usually accomplished by a push button to talk method.
Sometimes though, they leave the mic "open". I still have to push to talk but, there side is always "on".
The first time I heard this I thought I was hearing voices. I then realized I still had my ear plugs in. oups.
Upon removal of said plugs, I over heard this " Son of a bitch, they're still boarding? What the f@#$, how in the hell are we going to get lunch and get back to the plane. I am sooo hungry."
At this point, I went to the flight deck to inform them that they had an open mic. When I did this, the FO asked me what I had heard. I told him what I just wrote here. He looked up at me, pointed to his left, and said, "oh, that was him." The Captain simply smiled and said, "Well, I am hungry"

Okay, maybe not all that funny but I know there's more out there.